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Korean electronics makers LG has as small market share wrt number of smartphones sold , in the Indian smartphone market. But the company has seen an increase in smartphone sales across price categories. Upbeat by the sese numbers, LG today, on the launch event of G3 smartphone and G watch, said that it expects revenues from the segment in India to jump almost three-fold this year. Further adding that, it is on path to achieve 10 percent market share in India.

LG Electronics India Managing Director Soon Kwon told PTI,

“We are seeing very good traction and will exceed our target of Rs 2,000 crore in revenues from smartphones in India this year from Rs 800 crore in 2013. In the first half of the year, the business from the category has almost trebled. Ten percent market share is achievable, as it is very much on track and looking at the sales we are having, we are on track to achieve it in 2014.”

LG today launched in India its flagship smartphone ‘LG G3′. LG has roped in Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan to promote ‘LG G3′ smartphone in the country.  About 15,000 limited edition G3 smartphones with Bachchan’s signature will be released in the Indian market and few lucky buyers will get the opportunity to meet him.

LG G3 smartphone Specs :

The LG G3 smartphone will come in two variants : 16GB version will be priced at Rs 47,990, while the 32 GB version will be available for Rs 50,990.

The LG G3 has a laser auto focus camera, smart keyboard, smart notice and a slim metallic design.

  • 5.5-inch quad HD display
  • 13 megapixel OIS+ (Optical Image Stabilizer Plus) rear camera
  • 2.1 MP front camera
  • Runs on Android KitKat operating system
  • Removable 3,000 mAh battery
  • 2/3 GB RAM
  • internal memory of 16 GB and 32 GB (two options), extendable further 128 GB via micro SD card slot.
  • Connectivity Options include 4G

The company also unveiled at the event its G watch, priced at Rs 15,000.

Free Stuff: The offer also includes Rs 3,500 worth Quick Circle Case free and an one time screen replacement worth Rs 6,500.

The Kill Switch !

LG G3 comes with a ‘Kill Switch’ that can disable the handset in the event of a theft. This reminds me of a computer login application shown in Star World’s Criminal Minds. Every time the investigators type in a wrong password on the absconder’s PC, a certain percentage of hard disk is erased permanently.

The LG G3 has seen great response outside India. The Korean electronics maker hopes to sell half a million or 5 Lakh G3 devices by year-end.

LG G3 Review (as already launched outside India):


According to research firm IDC, Samsung is the market leader in Indian smartphone market, with 35 percent market. Below are the Indian Smartphone market rankings as per Market Share, as of July 2014 :

Samsung (35 percent)
Micromax (15 percent)
Karbonn (10 percent)
Lava (6 percent)
Nokia (4 percent)
and others (30 percent)


gwatchLG Electronics today launched its smart watch , the G Watch , alongside its smartphone G3. The LG G watch has a 1.65-inch IPS screen display , is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 processor and has an internal memory of 4 GB with a 512MB RAM. The G Watch is claimed to be water and dust resistant , and is powered by Android Wear OS (Apps meant for Android Wear are very few). It has a 400 mAh battery.

For sporting the watch on your wrist you have to shell out Rs Rs.14,990 . If bought along G3 smartphone, the buyer gets a concession of Rs 5000 on the G watch.

At Rs.14,990, the LG G Watch has competition with offerings from Samsung, the smart watches Gear 2 and Gear Fit.

LG G Watch Review :



The Dell Achievement Anthem – I Can Do Kuch Bhi is airing on Indian Television for some time now. You may like or don’t like such anthems. But you can’t refute one thing: That gadget making companies are increasingly addressing and targeting the youngistan (18-28 year Olds). The the most dynamic market segment, the college and university students. And rightly so, after all this demography is the one which never shies away from testing new gadgets. They are not very much differentiating between Indian and foreign brands. That’s why when Dell, a US Company, says that these youngsters can do kuchh bhi, it has research to think so.

Premium accessories and peripheral maker LAPCARE has launched a an ambitious and innovative program, LAPCARE CROP (Colleges Reach out Program) with a slew of synergistic and well aligned digital lifestyle products for college students. The goal is to target the ambitious and innovative go-to-market approach for the most dynamic market segment, the college and university students. With the CROP (Colleges Reach Out Program) the company aims to propel LAPCARE in the forefront of digital lifestyle players. You can see this Lapcare’s attempt to reposition itself as a brand for this most go-get demography.

The words of Sandeep Popli, COO at LAPCARE India, on the launch event, sums it up,

“The college and university students represent one of the largest homogeneous market segment in India, and this segment demands quality products at affordable price points. LAPCARE CROP is a well-intentioned yet ambitious program to address this market need.”

The words are quite right, in today’s digital age, a whole lot of learning and e-learning experience needs a gamut of digital products around a PC/laptop. And the most active mobile or PC users , are also the ones who need most accessories.

LAPCARE CROP will offer Adapter, Back Packs, Battery, Carry Case, Keypad Of Laptop, Lapcare Air Station, Lapcare Fusion, Lapcare Ipad Stand With Lock, Lapcare Keyboards, Lapcare Mouse, Lapcare Multifunctional Laptop Stand, Lapcare Universal Adapter 40w, Mini Dock, Notebook Security Locks, Power Bank, Power Inverter, Screen Cleaner, Screens, Speakers, Trolley, Universal Plug Kit and Waterproof Case to college students at very attractive prices and in multiple packaged deals.

Sandeep Popli adds further,

“We are absolutely positive about the response this program will get from the students. And we hope we are able to roll it out quickly across medium and smaller cities and towns across India soon.”

Be ready to witness more than gadget advertisements focussing on this demography. As this young brigade is not only buying stuff for self, but has the final say on the gadget or tech purchases for other family members.


Mercury EXTREME ‘PIH81Z’ Motherboard : Designed for 4th Generation Intel CoreTM processor. For those seeking excellent multimedia and graphics capabilities.

Kobian has announced the launch of Mercury Extreme 8 Series motherboard P1H81Z . The mother board is designed for 4th Generation Intel CoreTM processors.

Motherboard for 4th Gen Intel CoreEXTREME ‘PIH81Z’ Motherboard

Mercury P1H81Z is compatible with Intel Core i3/ i5 / i7 series processors in LGA 1150 package. The motherboard also supports dual channel DDR3, USB3.0 and HDMI. It comes with a warranty of 3 years.

As a member of the 8 Series, Mercury PIH81Z series motherboard, adopts the latest Intel H81 Chipsets. The HD4600 Intel processor graphics provides significantly higher frame rates in the newest DX11 3D game titles. It has high-definition multimedia interface which provides up to 5 GB/s video transmitting bandwidth and 8-channel high quality audio all through a single cable.

Key Features:


  • 4th Generation Core i3 / i5 / i7

The latest 4th generation Intel processor delivers improved graphics, battery life and security. The Intel Hyper-Threading technology allows each processor core to work on two tasks at the same time. It helps in experiencing stunning 3-D visuals and faster, more advanced video and photo editing.

  • LGA 1150

Socket3 supports the Intel Haswell microprocessor and its future successor, Broadwel processors.


  • Dual Channel DDR3 -1600

Each DDR3-1600 memory delivers a peak data rate of 12.8GB/sec. That’s about a 17% improvement on memory bandwidth over DDR3-1333. Double the performance with the Dual Channel support


  • SATA II 3.0 Gb/s

Doubles the transfer speed of SATA, running at speed up to 3.0 Gb/s, and fully compatible with the soon-to-be-released SATA HDD, CD-ROM and other cutting-edge devices with NCQ function support.


  • 6 Channel High Definition Audio

Integrated 6-channel HD Audio CODEC delivering advanced multi-channel audio and bringing you the experience of home theater-quality sound.


  • USB 3.0

The USB 3.0 is 10 Times faster than the traditional USB 2.0. It Offers Up to 5Gb/s Data transfer Bandwidth and helps in increasing the transfer rate between a PC and External storage device.


  • HDMI

The High-Definition Multimedia Interface able to provide up to 5Gb/s video transmitting bandwidth and 8-Channel high quality  audio  all through  a single cable.


  • PCI Express x16

It delivers up to a 4x increase in graphics and 2x I/O bandwidth and helps in smooth multimedia performance


  • Memory Support

It is compatible with DDR3 1600/1333 SDRAM and 2DDR3 DIMMs (240 pin/1.5V)


  • Audio

The Chip is integrated by Realtek® 662 and it is flexible with 6- Channel


On the launch, Sushmita DasVice President – Business, India at Kobian Pte Ltd said,

The gaming community is increasing in both hardware and software segments and to meet the need of the enthusiasts looking for high end game developing, we are launching Mercury Extreme8 series motherboard designed for 4th Gen Intel Core processor. It brings together a unique blend of features and technologies that offer the absolute ultimate performance. They are specially designed for the 4th Generation IntelCore TM processors, which is backed by 3 year warranty.

Warranty and Availability

Mercury PIH81Z series motherboard is expected to be available by end of July 2014 carrying 3 years warranty. 


E-vision Fire Alarm Control Panel : Multi-purpose device that protects large campus and supplies power to charge batteries.

With so many electrical appliances and gadgets in our homes and Offices, a fire Alarm has become a necessity. A fire alarm can be of great use, particularly if the house or the office premises are big.  

E-vision, one of the leading providers of advanced, new-age surveillance products, has recently launched a Fire Alarm Control Panel enabled with addressable fire digital technology.

E-vision Multi-purpose Fire Alarm Control PanelThe fire alarm has been designed to offer high standard performance, reliability and quality. This device complies with IS 2189-1999 and tested by the ETRL (North department). Fire Control Panel is based on conventional digital which is suitable for the small office, workplace and high rise building. It is very easy to install, operate and maintain and comes with multi central station communication options. It has high speed network which works up to 20 nodes with 159 detectors and module. Standard 80 characters shown on display, 6.0 switch modes to power supply and come with inbuilt alarm.



  • All necessary Operating and User instructions on the panel
  • Compact design with inbuilt battery box .
  • Version of panel is available
  • 24 V DC Operating Voltage.
  • Conventional & Microprocessor Fire Alarms.
  • Fire Alarm Cum Public Address Systems
  • Fire Alarm Annunciations
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • Fire Alarm Repeaters
  • Mimic Display Panels
  • Diesel Engine Starter
  • Fire Hydrant Panels
  • Bank security systems
  • Battery Chargers & Power Supply


On the launch, Vijay Shandilya, CEO at E-vision said, 

Risk of short circuit and power is increasing in recent times. Control fire alarm panel is one of the safest and most vital investments for a business to protect their employees, property and huge buildings from dangers of fire with the warning signs from the device. “

Xiaomi RedMi 1S

Xiaomi RedMi 1S

A couple of days ago, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi (“Show me”) debuted in India. So what is the big deal? Actually it’s. After China, Xiaomi has chosen India as its market. India no doubt is a big market, but so is the debut. As Xiaomi , founded in only 2010, sees its devices (smartphones and a Mi User interface) sell like hot cakes. And it ships phones only to those select few who register for a device before hand. That’s before the Xiaomi online sales portal opens its sale counter. Yes, Xiaomi sells its devices only online. It established Service centres to take care of after sales assistance, but it doesn’t open brick and mortar store to sell its devices. And so far, since its foundation, it managed to sell its quotas of smartphones with in hours of beginning of registration. If missed the opportunity, the smartphone aspirant has to wait till the next batch registration. Hence, it will be seen how it manages to fulfill the demand in India, if it gets the same response in India as well.

But why Xiaomi’s devices are selling this fast. As Xiaomi claims that it sells devices at cheapest price possible. In simple it sells the smartphones at their hardware cost and aims to earn profit from the software side of the business. That’s the UIs, apps utilities the Xiami users run on their phones. That apart, through Xiaomi’s ‘Only Online Sale’ policy, the company manages to pass on that middle commission to the buyer, which it has to pass on to the intermediaries, in case of the usual brick and mortar sales model. thata part, Xiaomi uses new Generation advertising mediums like Social media (Facebook, Twitter and some Chinese networks) to keep the advertising low and at the same time effective.

Xiaomi Mi 3

Xiaomi Mi 3

From the look of it, the Xiaomi smartphones seem to put a stamp on Company’s model. One of the three Xiaomi smartphones launched or planned to be launched in a few weeks is the RedMi Note. The 5.5-inch HD IPS display, octa-core 1.7GHz Redmi Note will go for INR 9,999/-. Other specs of Redmi Note are 3,100 mAh lithium-polymer battery, 13MP rear facing camera and 5MP front facing camera. The quality of Xiaomi products so far is high end.

The other two Xiaomi smartphones for Indians are the 4.7-inch Redmi 1S, which will retail at INR 6,999/-, and Xiaomi Mi 3 priced at INR 13,999/-.  Xiaomi Mi 3 has impressive specs for a smartphone that cheap.

Xiaomi Redmi Note

Xiaomi Redmi Note

About Xiaomi

Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Lei Jun, who believed that high-quality technology doesn’t need to cost a fortune. At Xiaomi, we’ve brought together smart people from Microsoft, Google, Kingsoft, Motorola, Yahoo and other IT companies from around the world to bring that vision to life.

Xiaomi has made a reputation for itself for creating remarkable hardware, software, and Internet services for and with the help of Mi fans. Mi fans are important, as the whole model of Xiaomi revolves around changing the User experience every week. The change begins at UI, updates and the look of the entire phone. The company incorporates the User feedback into their product range, which includes the Mi 3, Redmi, Mi TV, Mi Box and other accessories. As said already, Xiaomi sells directly to customers to keep its prices competitive.

Any information about the launch, including price, date of sale and customer support phone number, are shared on the Xiaomi Website or its social media pages.  Xiaomi India Website here.


Xiaomi Mi smartphones now in India : Xiaomi Mi 3, RedMi 1S and RedMi Note. Partners exclusively with Flipkart for sale and delivery.

The Chinese mobile Internet company Xiaomi, has announced its foray into the Indian market with a range of flagship Mi smartphones. The debut sees the exclusive partnership of Xiaomi with e-commerce marketplace Flipkart for sale and delivery of these products across India.

Xiaomi has also set up 35+ service centers, with dozens more to come, across India including two exclusive Mi service centers in Delhi and Bangalore to ensure a robust after-sale service and a hassle-free customer experience.

 Xiaomi Mi 3

The Xiaomi Mi 3 is priced at INR 13,999/-. The smartphone will go on sale on July 22. Pre-registration for Mi 3 is now open at the e-commerce portal.  The pre order Window will be open only till July 21st mid-night.

Xiaomi Mi 3 specifications

•             5-inch Full HD 1080p IPS display enabling super crisp details and incredible viewing angles

•             2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800AB processor for the best performance no matter how demanding your apps and games are

•             13-megapixel rear camera with dual-LED flash and industry-leading HDR functionality for amazing photos

•             Supports high speed HSPA+ 3G connectivity up to 42Mbps

•             Extra large 3050 mAh internal battery

Mi 3 order instructions, if you want to

Flipkart is the launch partner for Xiaomi in India. Mi fans can now buy Mi 3 through an easy 3-step process:

1.            Login using his/her Flipkart account

2.            Register for the sale on Mi Store on Flipkart (www.flipkart.com/Mi)

3.            Buy a device on the day of sale (22nd July). Only customers who register before July 22 will be able to purchase their Mi 3 on the sale day

Xiaomi Redmi 1S and Redmi Note

Xiaomi also announced its plans to launch Redmi 1S and Redmi Note over the next few weeks. These Mi smartphones claim to deliver high performance at even more affordable prices. The 4.7-inch Redmi 1S will retail at INR 6,999/-, while the 5.5-inch octa-core Redmi Note will go for INR 9,999/-.


In the Picture : (From Left to Right) Manu Jain, India Operations Head, Xiaomi, Michael Adnani, VP – Retail Flipkart, Sachin Bansal, Flipkart Co-founder & CEO, Bin Lin, Co-founder and President, Xiaomi and Hugo Barra, Vice President, Xiaomi Global


On the debut event , Mr. Bin Lin, Co-founder and President, Xiaomi, said,

“We see India as a huge opportunity for us and are excited about bringing Mi products to this market. Just like in our other markets, we will strive to provide users with incredible value, and the best customer experience possible.”


Commenting on bringing their flagship device to India, Hugo Barra, Vice President, Xiaomi Global, added,

“Mi 3 is the fastest Mi phone ever. We are very excited to offer one of the world’s most powerful smartphones in India at an incredibly affordable price point of INR 13,999/-.  We hope Indian users will love MIUI, our super intuitive Android-based operating system.”


Talking about the company’s India operations, Manu Jain, India Operations Head, Xiaomi, said

“We are looking to provide the best in class experience to our Mi fans in India. We are starting with 35+ service centres across top 20 cities, a hotline that operates 7 days a week, and a vibrant Mi India Facebook page. Our partner Flipkart, with its world-class technology and customer service, will be key to providing this experience.”


Commenting on this partnership, Flipkart co-founder & CEO Sachin Bansal, said,

“This partnership is a natural progression of our promise to bring world-class products to our customers. We are a technology-focused company with innovation as part of our DNA – and this complements what Xiaomi stands for globally.”


According to the Xiaomi President,

Mi 3 is Xiaomi’s highest performing smartphone, consistently ranked at the top of industry benchmarks since its first launch. Its Android-based platform – MIUI – is a live operating system constantly improving with frequent software updates. MIUI is incredibly intuitive and user friendly while offering power users a high degree of customisation.


iBall has launched Andi Uddaan for Indian woman. The key feature of Andi Udaan is the SOS button to ensure her safety and well-being in threatening or dangerous situations. The SOS button is on the back of the phone.

SOS Button :

SOS is a Morse “procedural signal” or “prosign.” As the SOS signal is a ‘prosign’, its respective letters have no inherent meaning per se. But since it informs about some danger, people often expand it as ‘Save Our Ship’ etc.

If in a situation of danger, pressing the SOS button gives out a loud siren sound to alert people nearby and sends a pre-defined message to five designated contacts. It also starts calling these five contacts, till the call is attended to.

In addition, the press of this button updates the user’s Facebook status along with geocodes to help pinpoint the user’s present location so that someone from social media, closest (in terms of location of the place) to the woman can arrange the much needed help.

Unlike other mobile applications that necessitate data support and require the user to unlock the device, Andi Uddaan requires the user to press the SOS button on the phone. Ya just that. It is possible also to enable GPS tracking by up to 10 people, so that the family or the friends of the woman in distress can be reached.

In addition to the SOS feature, the phone also has Geo-fencing . Through this feature a pre-designated persons can receive alerts when the user enters and exits a particular ‘geo-fenced’ area.

The Initiative:

The SOS button on iBall Andi Udaan is good. As it entrusts others for the safety of a woman. It’s surely better than much hailed self defence tools like a pen, comb, rolled newspaper or pepper spray as a woman needs a great guts to use those.


Mercury Glitz Price : Rs. 7,799. Designed for amazing multimedia experience, faster data transfers, browsing, fast email sync, chatting and more. 8 GB Storage.

Kobian, a leading maker of Computer peripherals and tablets, has launched an ultra-sleek 6 inch Smartphone - Mercury Glitz. The smartphone runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean platform  ( to be soon upgraded to the latest Android KitKat 4.4).

Mercury Glitz Mercury Glitz Specs and Features

  • 6″ wide HD panel screen
  • Cortex A7 1.3 GHz Dual Core processor
  • Inbuilt memory of 1GB DDR3
  • 8GB Storage, expandable further 32GB with microSD Card
  • 5MP Camera Rear Camera
  • 0.3MP Front camera for selfies and video chat

Connectivity Options include : 3G/WCDMA Dual SIM, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support

On the eve of the launch Sushmita DasVice President – Business, India at Kobian Pte Ltd said,

Keeping in the global and South Asian trends, Mercury is presenting Glitz to the smartphone buyers across India. Glitz is featured with Dual core, 1GB DDR3 RAM and 8GB internal storage at an unbeatable price of Rs.7799.


Price, Availability and Warranty

Mercury Glitz price Rs.7,799 and is available in India from July 15, 2014. It’s backed with a one-year repair/replacement warranty.