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Ever Since Xiaomi arrived in India, it is being talked about. Not only for its smartphone hardware at unrealistically low prices but also for how it sells its smartphones. The fact that Xiaomi sells limited number of smartphones at a time, that too from online portal only, hence people are skeptical about it and lending their sensitive information to Xiaomi. Just like everything else, Xiaomi also seems to be hit by social network rumors let loose by the rivals. That’s why Xiaomi has released a clarification regarding its privacy policy.

Read it below:


Bangalore, October 27, 2014: There have been reports about an IAF circular claiming that Xiaomi phones are a security threat. While we are attempting to reach Indian authorities to learn specifics, we would like to clarify a few points to assure our users that we treat your privacy seriously.

  1. We provide opt-in secure Internet services that greatly benefit users

We offer various opt-in Internet services that bring great user benefits, are free of charge, and require personal data to be stored in the cloud. For example:

  • Mi Cloud enables users to back up their data as well as sync it to other devices
  • Cloud Messaging allows users of Mi devices to exchange text messages free of carrier charges by routing messages via IP instead of carrier’s SMS gateway

These services are optional (opt-in). Users can turn them on and off at any time. Users can also opt to use similar services from other Internet companies instead, such as Google, Whatsapp, Dropbox and others.

  1. We do not collect user data without permission

We do not collect any data associated with services such as Mi Cloud and Cloud Messaging until the user provides explicit consent by turning on the corresponding service(s). Even after users have turned on these services, they can turn them off at any point of time.

We take rigorous precautions to ensure that all data is secured when uploaded to Xiaomi servers and is not stored beyond the time required.

  1. We use very high encryption and security standards to protect user data
  • We encrypt data using AES-128 standard before storing, which makes it practically impossible for anyone to steal this information
  • We protect user passwords and identifiers such as IMEI number using cryptographic one-way hash functions *before* they’re uploaded, which means we never actually receive the original information
  • No single person, including Xiaomi employees, can decrypt user data stored in Mi Cloud, even if they get access to the hard drives
  • We use extremely strict access control policies with multiple authorizations being required for engineers building services that access any personal data
  • All access to servers is logged and audited


  1. We are moving our Indian users’ data to servers outside of China, and to India in 2015

Since early 2014, we have been migrating our services and corresponding data for Indian users from our Beijing data centers to Amazon AWS data centers in Singapore and USA. Parts of this migration will be completed by the end of October, and all of it will be completed by the end of 2014. In 2015, we plan to launch a local data center in India to serve the needs of (and store data for) our Indian users.

These efforts help significantly improve the performance of our services and also provide some peace of mind for users in India, ensuring that we treat their data with utmost care and the highest privacy standards.

  1. The concerns raised by F-Secure have been fully addressed

We believe the advisory circular issued by IAF is based on events about 3 months back. It refers to the F-Secure test done on the Redmi 1S in July 2014 about the activation of our Cloud Messaging service (which enables users to send text messages for free, similar to other popular messaging services).

We immediately addressed the concerns raised, which was directly acknowledged by F-Secure 4 days later.

Please refer to this post by F-Secure confirming their concerns were addressed:

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ASUS X99-Deluxe compatible with Intel Core i7-5820K Processor : Offers Refined Tweaking Experience for most extreme motherboard customization. Loaded with features and accessories.

Prime ABGB National Distributor for ASUS products,has recently launched the latest X99-Deluxe Motherboards compatible with Intel Core i7-5820K Processor in India. The product is for extreme motherboard customization. This is the flagship of ASUS motherboard for consumer-targeted connectivity. The noteworthy features include triple band 802.11 AC Wi-Fi and Hyper M.2 which is a standard of M.2 that provides 32 Gbps instead of the usual 10 Gbps.

ASUS X99 Series Motherboards are compatible with the ASUS Thunderbolt EX II card (sold separately), allowing users to easily add a Thunderbolt™ 2 port to X99 system. Capable of transfer speeds up to 20 Gbps and supporting up to 6 daisy-chained devices, Thunderbolt™ 2 technology is the ideal solution for external data performance. The combination of automated overclocking, fan controls, power efficiency, digital power delivery and per-app customization have returned in full force with upgrades on the X99-Deluxe. In addition to six onboard PWM-capable fan headers, the X99-Deluxe includes the new Fan Extension Card, which adds 3 more PWM-controllable fans & thermal sensors.

The X99-Deluxe supports installation of up to two PCIe M.2 x4 SSDs (using the integrated slot and included PCIe card), delivering transfer speeds up to 32 Gb/s. Patent-pending proprietary socket design boosts enables higher DD4 frequencies, lower latencies and enhanced stability while overclocking and is compatible with all Haswell-E CPUs. Integrating dual-band 3×3 802.11ac wireless featuring TurboQAM and Beamforming ensures systems built with the X99-Deluxe are ready to join the most advanced Wi-Fi networks.


Mr Gulbir Bhatia, Managing Director at Prime ABGB said,

The ASUS X99 Deluxe is a good example of what a motherboard should be like. The motherboard offers all that is required for a long term performance, features like the eight SATA 6 Gbps ports, the two Gigabit Ethernet interface and excellent WIFI solution. Designed for gamers, Crystal Sound 2 combines a discrete hardware design with a comprehensive software package to deliver unbeatable audio. ASUS X99 Deluxe is going to be a feast for the users with its tremendous features, cool looks and a build that will allow real good tweaking.


ASUS has three different motherboard lines. The ROG (Republic of Gamers) line for over clockers/gamers  (who run their systems at high frequencies), the durable TUF (The Ultimate Force) line and its mainline brand, which features a balanced set of features between the other two brands. The ASUS X99-Deluxe is the flagship motherboard in the mainline series and it is the most feature-rich board ever built by ASUS.


Price, Warranty and Availability 

ASUS X99-Deluxe comes with the MRP of Rs. 30,650/- and comes with a warranty of 3 years.


Technical Specifications:

Click here for  technical specifications.


First and Only Enterprise Class SSD Solution from Viking for unused DRAM sockets. Advanced storage performance, reliability, quality for Enterprise Class.

Enterprise Class SSD for unused DRAM sockets

ONLYSSD, the exclusive high end SSD Portal, has recently announced the launch of Viking SATADIMM™ SSD. SATADIMM™ is the first and only enterprise class SSD to be designed in a DIMM form factor making it possible to deploy SSDs in unused DRAM sockets (those DRAM sockets to DRAm Slots on your motherboard, which you’re not using).


SATADIMM is the ideal boot drive for high-performance servers and storage appliances delivering just the right capacity without sacrificing drive bays that are better suited for mass storage. As part of the renowned brand, Viking continues the legacy by delivering an exceptional mainstream solution with advanced storage performance, reliability and quality that meets the demands of today’s client applications.


Mr Gulbir Bhatia, Managing Director at OnlySSD.com said,

SSD technology is relatively young in IT parlance and is still finding the right place to fit and the right solution for IT managers. SATADIMM provides an additional 29% ROI improvement to existing data center investments. This is why SATADIMM is such a ground-breaking concept for deploying SSD. SATADIMM uses revolutionary packaging and system integration to provide a proven SSD solution to real datacenter problems with disruptive new value.


Booting and caching are just two applications where the removability of a hard drive form factor can be problematical. Imagine the ramifications of a degraded or downed system resulting from an operator removing the boot or cache drive by mistake. The ultra-reliable SATADIMM is safely stored away inside the server ensuring this sort of catastrophe is easily avoidable. This high-performance and high-availability SSD offers significant increases to typical server capacity and performance at a fraction of the volumetric density of a 2.5-inch SSD. It’s a simple advantage: a server with SATADIMM will have greater capacity and performance than a server with storage only in drive bays.


SATADIMM’s optimized performance and endurance makes it perfect as a cache solution to accelerate applications, especially VMware. In a storage array appliance, SATADIMM provides a 5x advantage in performance and capacity over using 2.5-inch SSDs. As with every technology, it is not the technology that matters but how its deployment helps optimize business operations and the user’s experience.


Price, Warranty and Availability

  • SATADIMM 30mm Com (0 to +70 ºC) MLC 240GB VRFSD4240GNCTMTJ Enterprise SATA 6Gb comes with the MRP of Rs. 29,799/-
  • SATADIMM 30mm Com (0 to +70 ºC) MLC 480GB VRFSD4480GNCVMTJ Enterprise SATA 6Gb comes with the MRP of Rs. 53,199/-

Both the products are available with ONLYSSD.com and carry 2 years of warranty.


Technical specifications:

Click here for technical Specifications.


ESET Launches Plug-in for Kaseya Virtual System Administrator. ESET Remote Administrator Plug-in enables new antimalware options.

ESET, a global pioneer in proactive protection for more than 25-years, announced the general availability of the ESET Remote Administrator Plug-in for Kaseya® Virtual System Administrator (VSA), the industry leading IT systems management platform. Integrating with latest version of Kaseya, the ESET Remote Administrator Plug-in allows IT managers to use the familiar Kaseya interface to manage and maintain ESET Endpoint Antivirus and Endpoint Security deployments across distributed networks.


Mr Pankaj Jain, Director at ESET India said,

We are very sure that ESET’s pre-emptive detection of malware marks Kaseya IT managers to achieve much safer environment with in Kaseya interface. The lighter ESET will also enhance the productivity and PC speed.

The ESET Remote Administrator Plug-in for Kaseya VSA gives administrators the ability to deploy anti malware configurations to endpoints with a variety of ESET clients installed, initiate scans and virus signature updates, view threat data and generate reports using the Kaseya Info Center.


It is available at no additional charge for customers with an active license of any of the following ESET Endpoint Products: ESET Endpoint Antivirus, ESET Endpoint Security, and ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition for both Mac OS X or Linux Desktop. It can also be used to manage and monitor select ESET Windows Server or Linux File Server Products.


Mr Ben Lavalley, Director of Product Management for Kaseya said,

Kaseya VSA users have more antimalware options than ever before when it comes to protecting their computers, devices and files.

He continued and said,

ESET is an excellent provider of threat detection and prevention and we are happy that this new plug-in makes it easier than ever for Kaseya customers to manage their ESET products from our platform.” 

In addition to robust scanning and reporting capabilities, the ESET Remote Administrator Plug-in for Kaseya VSA allows users to customize the dashboard with easy-to-read graphs and charts, and create Kaseya alerts based on pre-determined status updates. The plug-in also lets organizations define permissions for different user roles to allow or deny access to product settings.


Apple’s new iPhones , the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will start selling in India from Thursday midnight. To avoid any shortage, Apple has already shipped 55000 iPhone units for launch in India. Apple is launching new iPhones in China at the same time.

The 55k volume is double initial supply for last year’s iPhone 5s and 5c launch. At that time only about 20,000 units had hit the Indian market in the first phase. That resulted in shortage, particularly for the premium iPhone 5s.

According to the data from the trade partners, the first lot of shipment of 50-55k units will be sufficient to meet the demand till the weekend with record pre-booking demand in excess of 21,000 units as of Tuesday across exclusive stores retailers and online stores. The next lot will arrive early next week.

Going by the pre-orders, the Indians are preferring the gold colour or 128 GB units. That apart, Indian seem to be sure of the Apple products, as more than half the customers who have pre-booked the smartphone have already made the full payment, says Mobile Store. Apple is launching the new iPhones ahead of Diwali, to tap the festivity mood.

Rival Samsung’s top model Galaxy Note 4 too will hit the market on Friday.

Craze for Apple products in China is astronomical


Indians have only started admiring Apple Brand. China is already neck deep in its love for Apple. According to media reports, more than 20 million new iPhones have been pre-ordered in China. This can potentially help China surpass the US as the largest market for Apple. The reports can be believed, going by one of the past reports where a teenage girl in China offered her to anyone who will buy her an iPhone.

According to Ingram Micro, one of Apple’s main distributors, the new iPhones will be sold in 1,200 retail locations across India. All top retailers and Apple stores will launch the new iPhones in India on Thursday midnight and offer it only to the pre-booked customers, while regular sales will start from Friday morning.


Asia Powercom AP-22A Travel charger , AP-22C Car Charger. Dual USB Ports with 1 & 2 Ampere charging speed selection to Charge two devices at once at two charging speeds.

charge two devices at onceA
sia Powercom, today launched two superfast charges, AP-22A – travel charger and AP-22C – car charger. Both the chargers have two USB ports with 1A & 2Amp charging modes. This charger allows users to charge two devices at the same time or charging two devices at once with 2 speed selections. The USB port with 2Amp selection will provide the fast charging of the gadgets.


Mr Tejas Sheth, Director at Asia Powercom said

These Charge Two Devices at once travel and car chargers save users half a time by replacing two conventional chargers to one. We have specially designed these portable tiny chargers with short protection to ensure safe usage for our customers. Users can pack just one charger for their gadgets and use it wherever they are heading to We are very sure that our partners and customers like this products and benefit out of it.

With the help of dual USB ports, users can easily charge two devices at once. AP-22A & AP-22C supports all USB enabled devices. With 2 Amp charging capacity, these adaptors provides fast charging for a variety of devices like Smartphones, MP3/MP4  players, Digital Cameras, Tablets, Bluetooth/NFC Speakers and various other devices. AP- 22C, car charger’s simple plug in lets your gadget/Smartphone deliver the full 2 Amp charge to the port. Travelling can be easier with such an ultra-portable, tiny sized adapter which replaces two conventional chargers to one.


AP-22A, AP-22C Chargers Price, Warranty and Availability

AP-22A Travel Charger comes with the MRP of Rs. 399/- and AP-22C Car Charger comes with the MRP of Rs. 299/-. Both products are available ex-stock with Asia Powercom carrying a warranty of 1 year.


Features and Specifications:

  • Dual USB ports to charge 2 electronic devices at a time
  • Fast charging with 2Amp charging current
  • Output short protection
  • Low stand-by power consumption

Enterprise Grade Server SSD : ADATA SR1010 100GB, 240GB, 480GB sizes. Comprehensive Data Encryption. For industrial servers, data centers, Embedded devices.

ADATA® Technology, a leading global manufacturer of high-performance DRAM memory modules and NAND Flash application products, today launches its SR1010 enterprise grade server SSD featuring comprehensive data encryption, reliability,superior performance and high compatibility with many operating systems.Available in 100GB, 240GB and 480GB sizes, ADATA’s SR1010 SSD is a perfect upgrade solution for industrial servers, data centers and embedded devices.

PLP – That’s How Protection Upgrades

For enterprise servers and data centers, unexpected system failure leads to incalculable damage and loss of vital information. To help safeguard against such scenarios, commercial servers require a powerful yet effective protection mechanism: PLP (Power-Loss Protection).

PLP technology, ADATA’s SR1010 SSD helps to prevent catastrophic data crashes caused by system failures, such as utility power grid failures or data center backup generator failures.

ADATA’s SR1010 SSD also supports S.M.A.R.T., which monitors your SSDs’ status, thus ensuring your data’s security and integrity, as well as improving the SSD’s efficiency.

Compatibility Meets Performance

ADATA’s SR1010 is compatible with Linux OS’s, like SUSE Enterprise and Red Hat Enterprise, as well as virtual machine technology from VMWare and Citrix. The SSD is also Microsoft WHQL certified to provide you with the widest compatibility and stability. By applying Seagate SF2581 controllers with sequential read/write speeds of up to 550/550MBs, you can achieve 4KB random read/write speeds of up to 73,000/45,000 IOPS. In addition, with a MTBF of up to 2 million hours, the SR1010SS provides outstanding performance and durability.


Warranty and Availability

Utilizing top-quality NAND flash technology, ADATA’s enterprise grade SR1010 SSD is backed by a 5-year warranty for reliable long-term operation and will be available through authorized distributors and channel partners across India.

The ADATA brand name and/or logo may not be used in any manner (no lower case or no additional symbols) that is likely to cause confusion or in any manner that disparages or discredits ADATA and/or ADATA’s brand identity.


Lenovo A328 – Ergonomically designed with elegant curved edges, for easy grip and very comfortable for one-hand usage.

Lenovo yesterday introduced the Lenovo A328 – a new addition to its popular A series smartphones. The The Lenovo A328 dual-SIM smartphone is premium looking and lets users stay connected on-the-go.  with powerful and smooth performance for all their social networking needs.

Lenovo A328

Lenovo A328 smartphone Specs and features

  • Sports a 4.5-inch FWVGA (480×854 pixels) display
  • Powered by a 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor
  • Run on KitKat 4.4.
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 4GB of built-in storage, expandable further 32 GB via microSD card
  • Dual SIM
  • Sports a 5-megapixel fixed focus rear camera with flash
  • Has a 2-megapixel front camera for video calling and video chat.
  • A 2000mAh battery, claimed to offer up to 240 hours of standby time and up to 21 hours talk time on 2G network and 13 hours on 3G network.
  • Comes loaded with the proprietary Lenovo DOit apps. The Lenovo DOit Apps like the award-winning SHAREit is now also equipped with CLONEit that allows direct P2P transmission across smart devices. SYNCit helps one back up and restore all contacts, SMS messages and call logs conveniently, while SECUREit optimizes the device’s performance and protects it against viruses, spam and malware.

Lenovo A328 Price and Availability

The Lenovo A328 is being targeted at the Indian youth who want the best of a smartphone at an affordable price. The Lenovo A328 is priced at INR 7299/- and is available in black and white colour variants.

It will be available at thedostore.com, across 1,400 Lenovo exclusive stores and all leading telecom outlets from 08 September 2014.


Mi India and Flipkart announce a festive surprise offer of 25000 for Mi 3 units for fans in India. Who tried to buy in recent past, but can’t  buy.

Offers limited number of Mi 3 phones directly to fans who have repeatedly tried to buy the device, but have not been able to buy it yet. 

Mi India and Flipkart today announced a special festive surprise offer only for those individuals who in recent past tried to buy the Mi 3 device, tried buying the device at least five times but can’t buy. On October 6th, approx. 25000 Mi fans who have tried to buy Mi 3 at least five times or more will find the device added to their cart on Flipkart.com.  These fans will now get a chance of buying the Mi 3 without having to register or hit the “buy” button.

Xiaomi, a company with a unique selling model (sells online only that too only a limited number of units, for which pre-registration is required) had seen a great response from fans till now, It sold more than 300,000 Mi phones since its launch in India two months back.

The lucky fans eligible for this festive surprise will be intimated directly on October 5th that they will have the Mi 3 made available directly in their cart on October 6, 2014 and will have about 1 to 2 hours to checkout. If there are dropouts or a fan declines to purchase the device a second batch will have the device in their cart the same day.

Manu Jain, GM and Head of India Operations at Xiaomi said,

“We would like to pay tribute to our most passionate fans through this little gift of recognizing their passion for our products. Even though they have repeatedly tried to get the device and failed, their determination to get Mi 3 clearly sets them apart as fans that any brand would be lucky to have. We do recognize this and have taken this initiative to provide them direct access to purchase the Mi 3. We wish all our fans a happy Dussehra, Eid, and Diwali, and thank them for their love and support.”


PowerSound 405 : Bluetooth speakers for active people. Water resistant, compact Bluetooth Speakers with in-built microphone for hands free calling. Bluetooth speakers for smartphone, laptop, any devices with Bluetooth connectivity.

Asia Powercom, just hours back launched its first Bluetooth speakers – PowerSound 405. With these bluetooth speakers one can enjoy the music stored on their tablets and smart phones. With a built-in noise canceling microphone, the bluetooth speaker automatically cancels the music for receiving calls and can be used as a speakerphone for hands-free calling when paired with a mobile device. This will give much amplified voice, particularly when you’re in a habit of using smartphone speaker while calling someone or receiving a call.

Bluetooth speakers are comparatively new additions to the tech world, but they have reached a stage where no maker can ignore the aesthetics. The Asia Powercom bluetooth speakers are available in three lively and vibrant colors, and you decide for yourself whether you find them beautiful or stunning.

The maker claims that the bluetooth speakers are for tune lovers who wish to add a pop of color to their everyday music companion. Featuring with a 400mAh rechargeable Lithium battery, this mini speaker gives more than 2hrs of continuous wireless audio playing. 

Mr Tejas Sheth, Director at Asia Powercom, said

PowerSound 405 has the power to fill a room with clear, full range sound including deep lows in a compact package that easily tucks into a bag.  Available in three different bright and bold exteriors these speakers can match any taste, personality and décor.


Price, Warranty and Availability

PowerSound 405 comes with the MRP of Rs 1999/- and carry a warranty of 1 year


PowerSound 405  Bluetooth speaker Features & Specifications:

  • A2DP function
  • Hands free calling function
  • Water resistant Rubber Oil finish
  • 400 mAh rechargeable Li ion battery
  • More than 2hr music playback
  • Operating frequency 2.4 – 2.48 Ghz
  • Range 10m max
  • Aux in function