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Corsair Launches New High-Performance USB 3.0 Flash Drives at CES 2015. USB 3.0 speeds. Different capacities. Also launched new 512 GB Flash Voyager GS.

At CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Corsair a worldwide leader in high-performance PC hardware, has launched new USB 3.0 flash drive families – Flash Voyager Slider X1 and Flash Voyager Slider X2. The New USB 3.0 flash drives from Corsair are available simultaneously in India as well.

Corsair also unveiled a rugged new look for the ultra-performance Flash Voyager GS and Flash Voyager GTX families with the addition of a 512GB size for Flash Voyager GS. Equipped with new bold styling and offering a wide range of performance and capacities to suite any budget, these new drives bring the Flash Voyager line up-to-date and ready for the demands of 2015.

usb 3.0 flash drives

usb 3.0 flash drives

Flash Voyager Slider X1 and Flash Voyager Slider X2

Combining the speed of USB 3.0 with the functionality of a cap-less USB drive, the Flash Voyager Slider X1 and Slider X2 share a sleek, glossy design that allows the USB cap to conveniently slide back into the drive housing. Slider X1 is available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities and thanks to its USB 3.0 interface is able to reach read speeds of up to 130MB/sec. Slider X2 knocks the performance up another notch, with read speeds of 200MB/sec in capacities of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

What’s more, at just 54mm in length the Slider X1 and Slider X2 are incredibly compact, allowing them to easily fit into a pocket or attach to a keychain via the included Key ring loop. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X or Linux and fully USB 2.0 backwards compatible, the Slider X1 and Slider X2 offer affordable and stylish USB storage, whatever your capacity or performance needs. The drives are backed by a five year warranty. 

Flash Voyager Slider X1 Flash Drive 

Product Part Number
Flash Voyager Slider X1 16GB Flash Drive CMFSL3X1-16GB
Flash Voyager Slider X1 32GB Flash Drive CMFSL3X1-32GB
Flash Voyager Slider X1 64GB Flash Drive CMFSL3X1-64GB
Flash Voyager Slider X1 128GB Flash Drive CMFSL3X1-128GB
Flash Voyager Slider X1 256GB Flash Drive CMFSL3X1-256GB

 usb 3.0 flash drives

Flash Voyager Slider X2 Flash Drive

Product Part Number
Flash Voyager Slider X2 16GB CMFSL3X2-16GB
Flash Voyager Slider X2 32GB CMFSL3X2-32GB
Flash Voyager Slider X2 64GB CMFSL3X2-64GB
Flash Voyager Slider X2 128GB CMFSL3X2-128GB
Flash Voyager Slider X2 256GB CMFSL3X2-256GB

usb 3.0 flash drives 

Flash Voyager GS and GTX

Taking USB 3.0 performance to the next level, the Flash Voyager GS and GTX offer extreme USB 3.0 performance in a new, rugged and stylish package. Voyager GS, available in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB or the new 512GB capacities, offers enough storage space for huge data transfers, with read speeds of up to 260MB/sec and write speeds of up to 105MB/sec. Flash Voyager GTX is the pinnacle of Corsair’s USB flash drive lineup, available in 128GB or 256GB  capacities and boasting blistering read speeds of up to 450MB/sec and write speeds of up to 200MB/sec thanks to its on-board SSD data controller. Both Flash Voyager GS and Voyager GTX are backed by a five year warranty and like all Corsair flash drives, they are compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, with no driver installation necessary. 

Flash Voyager GS Flash Drive

Product Part Number
Flash Voyager GS 64GB CMFVYGS3B-64GB
Flash Voyager GS 128GB CMFVYGS3B-128GB
Flash Voyager GS 256GB CMFVYGS3B-256GB
Flash Voyager GS 512GB CMFVYGS3B-512GB


Flash Voyager GTX Flash Drive


Product Part Number
Flash Voyager GTX 128GB CMFVYGTX3B-128GB
Flash Voyager GTX 256GB CMFVYGTX3B-256GB



CES 2015: TRENDnet announces a New Wi-Fi Speed Category With The AC2600 Dual Band Wireless Router. Content Sharing Support for BitTorrent download client as well.

In CES 2015, TRENDnet, the maker of wired and wireless networking hardwares announced the AC2600 Dual Band Wireless Router, model TEW-827DRU. The Dual Band Wireless Router is a next generation WiFi router which marks a new AC2600 speed threshold.

TEW-827DRU Dual Band Wireless RouterThis next generation dual band WiFi router features two concurrent wireless networks-an ultra-performance 1,733 Mbps WiFi AC network and an extreme performance 800 Mbps WiFi N network. Quad-Stream architecture, on both the WiFi AC and WiFi N bands, produces the record breaking AC2600 category rating: Â Â

MU MIMO (Multiple User-Multiple Input Multiple Output) antenna technology (Qualcomm MU/EFX platform) enables this Dual Band Wireless router to serve multiple devices simultaneously, instead of processing device traffic in a queue one at a time. MU-MIMO greatly improves performance in today’s busy connected home which averages almost ten WiFi connected devices; and where sometimes even a toddler is using a Wifi linked device.

The TEW-827DRU Dual Band Wireless Router sports four high performance dual band external detachable antennas, all Gigabit network ports, and two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 share ports. WiFi amplifiers maximize WiFi signal output and targeted Beamforming technology increases real-time performance by directing stronger wireless signals to each connected device’s specific location. Content sharing opportunities are expanded with Samba client support, an iTunes music server, and a BitTorrent download client.

For added protection, the router’s WiFi bands are pre-encrypted with their own unique eight character password. Thereby, eliminating the common hack of accessing a router using a default password (such as ‘admin’). Furthermore, users can created guest networks which only allow internet access.

On the launch,  Zak Wood, Global Marketing Director of TRENDnet, said,

We are excited about the TEW-827DRU’s Dual band wireless router’s record breaking performance,When two TEW-827DRU’s are bridged together, we expect new WiFi throughput records will be documented from independent reviewers, for both of the WiFi AC and WiFi N bands.”


AC2600 Dual Band Wireless Router

  • AC2600: 1,733 Mbps WiFi AC + 800 Mbps WiFi N bands
  • Quad-Stream architecture produces the record breaking WiFi AC and WiFi N speeds
  • MU-MIMO (Multi-User MIMO) technology enables the router to serve multiple devices simultaneously thereby greatly improving performance in a connected home
  • Beamforming technology increases real-time performance by directing stronger wireless signals to each connected device’s specific location
  • Extreme performance processor
  • High performance detachable 4.5 dBi 5GHz/3.5 dBi 2.4GHz antennas
  • Pre-encrypted WiFi for your protection
  • All Gigabit wired ports
  • Two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 share ports
  • Samba file sharing support
  • iTunes music server
  • BitTorrent download client
  • Create isolated guest networks
  • IPv6 support

TEW-827DRU Warranty: 3 year limited

Availability: The TEW-827DRU Dual Band Wireless Router is now available in India as well. It Wirless router was launched in Mumbai on January 13.


ADATA UC340 USB 3.0 Flash Drive : Stylish Flash Drives for Performance Uncompromised.

ADATA Technology, a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM memory modules and NAND Flash applications has launched a new UC340 USB flash drive. The Choice UC340 USB 3.0 flash drive features trim geometric lines and a clean glossy finish. Carry it on a neck strap, purse, or key chain. Although the novelty of carrying flash drives in a keychain has long surpassed still you can carry this CSB 3.0 Flash drive around. With SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectivity, the flash drive allows you to transfer anywhere between 16GB to 256GB of audio, video and data files in just a few moments. Just push – to – click the colored head to extend the USB connector. Push again to retract it. Simple, stylish, practical. Click into your style with ADATA’s UC340 flash drive!

USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Stylish & Portable

The UC340 is a work of utterly elegant geometry. Multiple black triangular facets on its casing complement a brilliantly colored translucent body. Not a mere storage drive, it embodies the best in performance and quality within the classic lines of fashion. Simply click the USB head to extend and retract the connector quickly and easily. With no end cap to hassle with or lose, the UC340 is both convenient and easy-to-use. An amply large triangular lanyard hole matches the US340’s classy geometric design. Carry it on a key ring. Wear it on a neck strap or bracelet.

Quick & Practical

The UC340 comes in sizes ranging from 16GB to 256GB, and features the USB 3.0 high-performance Super Speed transmission standard. With read and write speeds up to 200/120 MB/s, enjoy quick transfer speeds that reduce the time you need to move your video, audio and document files. With ADATA’s Choice UC340 flash drive, you can experience an elegant balance of style and utmost practicality. Additionally, purchasers of USB flash drives are entitled to download ADATA’s free “UFDtoGO” and “OStoGO” software as well as enjoy a lifetime warranty backing up great mobility and convenience.

USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Price, Warranty and Availability

ADATA’s UC340 USB 3.0 Flash Drive is backed by a lifetime warranty and will be available through authorized distributors and channel partners across India at a price of Rs. 920, Rs. 1525, Rs. 270, Rs. 6500 and Rs. 14000 for 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB respectively.


If you think a lot about the increasing piles of electronic waste, courtesy increasing number of laptops, smartphones etc, then you surely have thought about some way of reusing the electronic trash. Researchers at IBM Research India in Bangalore, are already thinking of ways to re-use the batteries of a trashed laptops. How? To light up an electric bulb for one full year. An interesting use, particularly for the developing World. The reuse seems doable, keeping in mind the availability of low power consuming CFL and LED technologies.

What IBM Researchers at Bangalore did?

The researchers tore open discarded laptop battery packaging and extracted individual storage units called cells. Picked the good cells and recombined them to form refurbished battery packs. After that they added charging dongles as well as circuitry to prevent overheating.

They gave these packs, to five families in roadside slums. Three months later, they went to the families to take their feedback. They found the batteries working well.

Currently, the Researchers are not thinking of making the use commercially viable. Obviously, the commercial viability needs funding and cost effective manufacturing methods. They are thinking to provide it for free, providing four hours of light a day for a household for an entire year. Commendable.


Blogging is not all that difficult. But it’s not easy as well.

Simply because, as a blogger, one wants to reach the peak in blogging. Some exemplary success, which means big money, loyal and large following. A Lifestyle where one can sit in his/her Pyjamas all day, and still manage the best of Lifestyles. All this means, the blogger finding himself/herself in a situation where there’re too many things to implement, too much ideating, in a very small time. All this pressure to implement so many things with a high degree of accuracy, leads to a situation which is called analysis paralysis. That’s when people over think a decision and fail to take any action at all. If said in other words. It’s the same age old story where a man daydreams as to how the egg he had in his hand will make him a millionaire one day.

If you’re serious about blogging, then Analysis paralysis is one thing which you must be cautious about. Ask yourself: Am I planning things too much in my Brain?

If the answer to this question is Yes, then stop over thinking and start implementing. Implementing things fast on your blog is one of the best ways to grow as a blogger. Don’t worry if you make some mistakes. Even Big Bloggers learn from their mistakes.


ESET research has analysed first case of ransomware that also acts as polymorphic parasitic virus

Security maker ESET has unearthed a new ransomware virus family detected by its telemetry under name Win32/VirLock. It is the first time ESET researchers have seen ransomware which locks screen of victims device and also acts as polymorphic parasitic virus infecting files on user’s device. To restore VirLock-infected files, victims can download and use ESET’s standalone cleaner.

Until now, ransomware has usually been categorized into two basic groups: LockScreens and Filecoders. In rare cases, ransomware takes a hybrid approach by both encrypting files and locking the screen by displaying a full screen message demanding ransom. An example of this behavior is Android/Simplocker – the first filecoder for Android ESET had detected earlier this year.

VirLock infects the files by morphing them into encrypted executables containing the virus body. Another part of the payload is responsible for the LockScreen functionality – with typical protective measures like shutting down explorer.exe, the Task Manager – and for displaying the ransom screen.

From a technical point of view, probably the most interesting part about VirLock is that the virus is polymorphic, meaning its body will be different for each infected file and also each time it’s executed. Moreover, our analysis has revealed multiple levels of encryption, which suggests that the malware author has truly played around with the code,” said Robert Lipovsky, Malware Researcher at ESET

Victims of the VirLock infection can download and use standalone cleaner to restore their files.


PowerSound 2100 Multimedia speakers with Rich Bass  to Boost Users experience. Enjoy your music, movies, games. Affordable multimedia speakers.

Asia Powercom, only hours back launched its first Multimedia speaker PowerSound 2100. The Powersound 2100 is claimed to be designed and engineered keeping in mind the need of music fanatics and their urge for quality sound.


PowerSound 2100 Multimedia speakers

Asia Powercom PowerSound 2100 is an active 2.1 desktop speaker system that offers reference-quality audio in a compact and affordable package. It includes a pair of 2.5″speakers and a 4″ subwoofer which beautifully designed for superior quality with bass boost technology and level control for clear and powerful sound output. This will create theater experience, bringing the power, clarity and accuracy of high-fidelity audio.


Mr Tejas Sheth, Director at Asia Powercom, said

With this new offering, our audio range has been elevated further. Our customers now have another option to choose from Asia Powercom’s wide range of Audio peripherals. The PowerSound 2100 speakers offer a great quality of sound without breaking the budget and without compromising on valuable space in living room/desktop


The speakers offer multiple channel inputs that support and connects the system to the new generation TV, Windows® and Mac OS® computers, tablets, smartphones, DVD player and MP3 players. It also supports USB port, have SD card slot and comprises of a built-in FM tuner. Woofer provides an output power of 15W, whereas the satellite speakers provide 10W sound. The main units are compact and light weight making the speakers perfect for small home, offices and project studios.


Price, Warranty and Availability

PowerSound  2100 comes with the MRP of Rs. 1999/- and the product is available in Black color with Asia Powercom carrying a warranty of 1 year


Features & Specifications:

  • Power – 15W + 10W x 2
  • Speaker Unit – 4″+ 2.5″ X 2
  • Impendence – 4 OHM
  • S/N Ratio – >= 70dB
  • Clearance – >= 58dB
  • Frequency Response – 35Hz – 18 kHz
  • Power Input – AC 240V/50Hz

Free Anti-Virus License for Everyone. Exclusive Pre-Launch Consumer Offer on ESET SMART SECURITY Version 8 for this Christmas.

ESET, a couple of days ago announced the exclusive pre-launch consumer offer on ESET SMART SECURITY 8. Unique feature of this new version is that user can install antivirus on any of his device with any operating system running. This offer will be valid till December 31, 2014.

smart security

Recently ESET has collaborated with Facebook for protecting online users from malware and spams. As a bonus gift, ESET is pleased to announce that this exclusive pre-launch offer is free for Facebook users in addition to provide them newer and breath-taking experience of ESET’s Smart Security 8.

ESET Smart Security 8 is an award winning product; recently achieved the highest score for performance in AV Comparatives test by outperforming all its contenders. In addition, new version include Botnet Protection combined with Enhanced Exploit Blocker protection.

ESET Smart Security, 2015 edition runs on any system with Microsoft® Windows® 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and Microsoft Windows Home Server 2003, 2011.


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Bournvita Quiz Contest for Kids app on Android and iOS. 

India’s longest running and favourite quiz show, Bournvita Quiz Contest has kept pace with the times. In today’s digital age, it is now launching a new season which can be viewed online only, the TV version will no longer exist. Additionally, it has launched an App called IndiaPlaysBQC, available on Android and iOS. Below are some of the key features of this app:

Bournvita Quiz Contest

 An app available on Google Play store & IOS, can also be used for 24/7 quizzing, taking quizzes, then pausing and resuming the quiz whenever a person feels like.

  • The app has had more than 100 k downloads last year and was an extremely influential medium towards the success of the show.

Astrum ET240 Bluetooth In-Ear Headphone. In-ear anchor clip for comfortable workout, Sweat Resistant. CSR aptX certified. Superior sound. Built-in Microphone for easy connectivity.

Astrum has recently launched in-ear sports Bluetooth earphone Astrum ET240 (A10524). CSR aptX certified Astrum ET240 delivers superior sound, offering a premium listening experience and optimal wearability.

In-Ear Bluetooth HeadphoneThe In-Ear Bluetooth Headphone is claimed to have fantastic bass, stays without chafing or tugging, and resists sweating. It is featured with a small in-ear anchor grip which acts as a gripper to ear-buds.  The feather buds and ear hooks with loop over the ear favors in no fear of these falling off during mid-run with ear hooks attached. The In-Ear Bluetooth Headphone are designed for hours use comfortably.  It has easy controls to play/pause music, volume and answer/end calls.

The earphones have a Built-in Microphone which provides easy connectivity and one can take calls anytime. The Bluetooth Technology used is CSR V4.0 gives a crisp and clear audio. It offers revolutionary fifteen hours battery play time.


Mr Raymond Li, APAC Manager for Astrum‘s operation in India said,

Astrum ET240 is an ideal choice for fitness freaks. One can enjoy these In-Ear Bluetooth Headphone during hike, bike or hit the gym while listening to the music. Also, one can wear the headset comfortably during the most intense workouts as the earphone stays securely fit and comfortably in. Being light weight, it never compromises with sound quality. The new age ear phone will help our channel partners to stay ahead in contemporary digital accessory market matching the needs of the customers with affordable prices.


Astrum ET240 Price, Availability and Warranty

Astrum ET240 (A10524) is priced at MRP of Rs. 4999 and will be available ex-stock with Emporis Peripherals from the month of December 2014. It is backed up with a carry-in 1 year warranty.


Astrum ET240 In-Ear Bluetooth Headphone Technical Specifications:

  • Weighs 15.5g
  • Dynamic Driver 10mm
  • DSP CVC 6.0 Noise & Echo Reduction
  • Built in Mic with -42db Sensitivity
  • 5.5 Hrs Talking, 15.5 Hrs Listening and Standby Time upto 6.5 Days
  • Micro Usb Type B Charging Type and 2 Hrs Time
  • Lithium Polymer Battery with 80mAh Battery
  • Bluetooth Technology used is CSR V4.0 APTX A2DP1.2 / AVRCP1.4
  • Supports Profile HSP 1.2/HFP1.6